About Us

Our Philosophy

“We just do not skimp. I don’t care if the bus is in in May and it’s going to be retired in June. Whatever it needs, it’s getting. That’s just my philosophy and that’s the way I’m built.” Dick Smyth 

At Smyth Bus, we pride ourselves on having one of the best safety records of any large school bus company in Connecticut. Our fleet consistently ranks among the top in the state in DMV inspection ratings, reflecting our fervent preventive maintenance program. We hire only the best people and subject them to our methodical and demanding initial and continuous driver training. We hold ourselves to the highest standard since, after all, we are carrying the world’s most precious cargo. 

We were named by School Bus Fleet as one of the “Great Fleets Across America.” Check out the Hartford Courant’s article highlighting our exemplary record here.

Established in 1974, Smyth Bus is a second-generation, family-owned school bus company. It was started by the late F. Edwin Smyth with only one van and has since grown into a company with over 150 vehicles and employees. Dick Smyth owned and meticulously operated Smyth Bus until his unexpected passing in 2015. The company was then acquired by his brother, Bob Smyth, in 2017. 

F. Edwin Smyth was one of the founding members of the Connecticut School Transportation Association (COSTA) and Dick Smyth was instrumental in implementing bus safety features that have now been adopted on a national level. 

Smyth Bus proudly provides student transportation for Enfield, East Windsor, and Windsor Locks Public Schools. Additionally, we provide out-of-town transportation for all three districts, including to Howell Cheney Technical School, Suffield VOAG, and eight other programs/schools. 

Smyth Bus operates 150 school buses and student transportation vehicles (STVs).